Benjamin Schneer

Assistant Professor

Harvard Kennedy School

benjamin_schneer -at- | @BenSchneer


"The Popular Origins of Legislative Jurisdictions: Petitions and Standing Committee Formation in Revolutionary Virginia and the Early U.S. House" with Tobias Resch, Maggie McKinley and Daniel Carpenter. Forthcoming at Journal of Politics. 2022. (Ungated Version).

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Work in Progress

"Misperceptions of Life Expectancy" with Desmond Ang.

"Corporate Political Activity as a Bundle of Goods" with Daniel J. Moskowitz and Maxwell Palmer.

"Frequent Flyers: Has Increased Travel Exacerbated Polarization and Reduced Civility and Bipartisanship in Congress?" with Daniel J. Moskowitz.

Reports, Other Publications and Selected Media

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An Analysis of the Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission Legislative District Map (with Gary King). Submitted to Department of Justice, 2012.